Walk with me for a minute … or two

I have a process, it’s not unique in its entirety – however, I do try to do things a little differently. My previous experiences have shown me that client engagement from the beginning is crucial – brand agencies tend to shy away from this because they prefer the element of surprise, and like to keep control. That approach is not for me, you’d know this if you ever went through a discovery session with me, love it or hate it – I ask plenty of provoking questions with the goal of getting under the fingernails of your business.

Doing this helps us reach the ultimate goal together

– A meaningful brand transformation journey – get the VIBE.

V. I. B. E.


Be ready to answer plenty of questions, some you’ll not want to answer, some you’ll not know the answer, but these are the questions that will get you to start thinking about your business in a very different way. It is my job to create new perspectives, encourage new thoughts, and most importantly build trust. Establishing trust enables us to be completely transparent throughout the journey.


This is the part where I lock myself away and get creative, no restrictions no wrong answers, just me and my thoughts and your answers ringing in my ears.

See you on the other side folks!


Presentation time!! – Drum roll, mike-drop, or back to the drawing board.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Every asset and attribute that we have finalized needs to live somewhere, be it your website or your email signature. During this part of the process we will share everything we learned, transfer the knowledge to the internal team and help everyone distribute your new look effectively.

You’ll hear me talk about brand management, consistency, and high recall quite a lot. Honestly, I will say it so many times that you’ll be saying it yourself.

If you think your journey is now over, think again – now you/me/we have to maintain all the hard work!

Let’s Create a Work of Art

I can help you harness the power of visuals.
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